Product Categories We Are Experienced In

Basically, Custom Jewelry Manufacturers produces sterling silver jewelry utilizing the processes of hand fabrication, stamping, forming, rolling, stone setting, soldering, casting, hammering, assembling and other normal jewelry processes.

In Bali we have a shop with 45 employees working on mostly light applications such as soldering and assembling. For more basic silversmithing such as stone setting and silver sheet fabrication we contract with smiths who work in their homes and small smithing shops that dot the silver making area of Bali. Bali Jewelry Worker

In Thailand we contract almost all work out to small manufacturers. Be it Bali or Bangkok we place production where it is best suited for in terms of quality, value and timeliness.

Both Thailand and Bali have their strengths. While Thailand's production processes are generally superior technically Bali has craftspeople who can build by hand a beautiful complete piece of jewelry from scratch at a cost that cannot be beat on the planet.

Now, one can come to Bali or Bangkok and buy merchandise off of the shop shelves or even develop relationships with manufacturers to produce your designs but this is a trial by error, costly and pains taking process that we can adeptly manage for you for a little bit more cost if any at all. In any case it will be well worth it to take advantage of our position and years of experience here in southeast Asia.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturers of South East Asia generally can produce just about any kind of silver jewelry. Refer to the category list at our main menu and sub menu to browse through some of the different categories of jewelry that we have experience in but not limited to.

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