Who Are We

Peter MartinPeter Martin, CJMSEA & PLM Import/Export President

Peter has been involved in the jewelry industry since 1981. He started as a national salesman for fledgling Jody Coyote and largely was responsible for taking it from a Saturday craft market vendor in Oregon to a nationally distributed, 3 million dollar a year jewelry company in ten years.

While at Jody Coyote for over a decade Peter wore a variety of hats. He was national sales manager, general manager, partner, President, and accountant, not necessarily in that order.

In addition to working at Jody Coyote, Peter has since been an independent jewelry manufacturers' representative, manager of Wild Dove Ceramics and in 1998 founded C.V. Puri Lautan Mutiara or PLM Import/Export for short, an Indonesian registered jewelry manufacturing company.

Peter now is primarily located in Eugene, Oregon taking care of our business in the U.S. and managing our wholesale line, Bali Sky Jewelry.



Jung-Adi Parta Wayan Adi Parta (Jung), PLM-Bali Director

Wayan, or Jung as he is known to his friends and our customers, manages the Bali arm of CJMSEA. Jung started his business career in tourism until he met Peter. They hit it off well so Jung joined Peter in their jewelry export company. Jung currently manages about 50 employees in their Celuk, Bali facility.

Jung is formally Director of C.V. Puri Lautan Mutiara (translated: Ocean Palace of Pearls, not so coincidentally the company has same initials as Peter Martin's). Jung is a junior partner in PLM and resides with his wife near Gianyar, Bali.






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